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The project "All In"

All people have a right to education.

Courses for adults should be open to all people.

Also for people with disabilities.

Everywhere there are institutions where adults learn, even if they already have a job. This is called adult education.

There they learn, for example, new languages, art or how to use a computer.

So far there are hardly any institutions for adults where people with and without disabilities learn together.

Computer courses, for example, are usually not suitable for people with disabilities.

We want more inclusion also in adult education.

What is inclusion? People with and without disabilities can learn together.

In the project, we want to find out how inclusion can work best in adult education.


  • What do teachers need to be able to do?
  • Which topics are suitable?
  • How should the lessons be designed?
  • How can people with disabilities be reached?
  • What are the interests of people with disabilities?
  • How can everyone participate without difficulties and barriers?

There are many questions that we want to solve.
We write everything down.

Others should be able to learn from this. 


This is a project. It will last three years. It is funded by the European Union. Nine different partners are involved.